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April 14th, 2014

Gawker Media

This was such a fun assignment to work on with the good people at Gawker. So has this popular feature called Ask a Clean Person where they give cleaning tips for unusual or embarrassing situations (my boyfriend puked in my purse) and the Lifetime Network got together with them to do an advertorial for their show Devious Maids. They basically said I could just run with the idea of cleaning tips for a crime scene, totally fun! Here is the final that went live on Thursday:


And here are some of the sketches:


Thanks for reading!

April 7th, 2014

Forward Magazine

Here is a feature opener for Forward about small cuts to the Pentagon budget. The editors were very specific that the art had to say cuts without making the military seem weak. Sketches posted below the spread, thanks for reading!



March 19th, 2014

Super action!

It was great to work with Barbara from NYTimes Sunday Styles and one of the writers from Booming on this personal essay about learning to speak up. The writer compared her assertiveness to Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies and feeling like her own personal action hero. Here is the final and the page from the paper, which printed perfectly!



March 12th, 2014

Foreign Policy Magazine

I have two pieces in the current issue of Foreign Policy Magazine. The first was about how strict religious tradition in Muslim countries negatively affects their economy. The illustration went right across the gutter so I had to plan all the sketches around that:


And here is the winner:


And the second was a small sidebar spot about voter intimidation in Africa:


Here is the spread:


Great to work with Ed Johnson again (formerly of the NY Observer) at his new post. And thanks for reading!

March 6th, 2014

The Wild West for Nerds

Apparently SXSW Interactive draws a rowdy crowd to Austin. This half page for Variety was about the #drama between the attendees and the speakers for the past few years. Thanks to Cheyne for a great story to work on!


Here are ones that didn’t make it: