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August 28th, 2014

Half-page for Variety

This was a fun one for Variety about how celebrity chefs are the new big draw for Las Vegas casinos. Leftover sketches below, thanks to AD Cheyne Gateley!




August 12th, 2014

NYTimes x2

Here are a couple of recent assignments from the NYTimes…

For the Book Review, for a novel about a women trying to piece together her past. The story is told over three different decades of her life and takes place all over the world. Great story to work on, here is the final:


Here are the leftovers:


And for Science Times, about new editing software that allows the user to 3-dimensionally rotate objects in a photo. It uses a database of 3D models so you can see sides of an object not shown in the original photo.


Thanks to Nicholas and Peter!

July 24th, 2014

Babson College

This was a full page opener for a feature in Babson College Magazine. The article looked at the costs of healthcare and how to get them under control.


Here are a couple of ideas that didn’t make it – I really wish I could have sold that snake charmer:


July 1st, 2014

Slacktivism for Science News

Here is a full page opener for Science News about the Slacktivism phenomenon – people who will Like a cause on Facebook or buy a bracelet but never follow through with any meaningful commitment of money or time.


Here is the opening spread:


Here are some of ideas that didn’t make it:


June 19th, 2014

Phoenix New Times cover

Phoenix New Times cover just on the newsstand today! The feature was about the rapid development boom in Tempe and whether or not it’s a good thing. Thanks to AD Peter Storch for another cover and a chance to try out some illustrated type.

Cover 6-19_TempeBusiness_RAY.indd